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When a midwife asked if we could produce a BIRTHING OIL which was organic and Ayurvedic, so she didn’t have to send her clients to the grocery store to buy commercial oil off the shelf, we set about finding what oils were best for birthing. In all parts of the world, women helping women through labor and delivery have found that oils make the process easier for both mother and baby. Until the world started using insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, all natural oils were organic. Midwives used whatever oil was locally handy. Any of those natural, organic oils were better than no oil. The best oil, however, is an oil which absorbs quickly, which when used during the four weeks before labor, softens and lubricates the perineal area and which during labor is naturally cleansing, antibacterial and antiviral. And, which, after the birth, helps the abdomen recover its former shape, softening and disappearing the stretch marks which normally appear during pregnancy. That oil is sesame seed oil. The Ayurveda processes we use enhance the naturally superior qualities of this oil. It is absolutely safe for both mother and baby, before, during and after labor. Contains organic sesame seed oil plus plant derived d alpha tocopherols (Vitamin E). Buy one bottle for the four weeks before labor, one for during labor and one for after the birth.

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BIRTHING OIL – Size 8 oz.